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Passport to Freedom

Passport to Freedom: Garry Davis and the

World Service Authority

(1992, 20 minutes) Directed by Robin Lloyd

Audience Level: High School/Adult

This program profiles Garry Davis and his World Service Authority. Their philosophy is that passports and country borders do more than facilitate travel, but in fact enable countries to control people, thwarting the universal right to travel. This especially impacts on the globe's 38 million refugees and stateless people, who have few rights in this divided world. The goal of the World Service Authority is world government, and in the meantime it has issued over 250 000 world passports, which are accepted by 120 nations on a case by case basis. The movement aims for world peace enabled by everyone becoming world citizens, not citizens of individual countries.

No Longer Enemies

No Longer Enemies

Produced my Robin Lloyd, Tod Ensign, and Stuart Sender

Videography by Stuart Sender; script and continuity by Greg Guma

Audience Level: High School/Adult​

During the Vietnam War, US planes and helicopters sprayed over 12 million gallons of the herbicide Agent Orange on forests and croplands in southern Vietnam. An estimated 300,000 US soldiers, as well as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, were exposed to the dioxin-laced defoliant. This powerful video chronicles the emotional return to Vietnam of several US combat veterans, whose health and families' health have been affected by Agent Orange. Participating in an international conference on herbicides in Hanoi, doctors and soldiers who were once enemies realize the similarities of their struggle and emphasize the importance of reconciliation. No Longer Enemies was coproduced with Citizen Soldier, a nonprofit advocacy organization that assists soldiers both in and out of uniform to confront military policies and activities that threaten their constitutional and human rights.


"This video is both educational and inspirational. Former enemies work together to reveal and reduce the effects of Agent Orange on G. I. Veterans and the Vietnamese people, from defective births to other calamities." Dave Dellinger, activist/author 

Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna: The Zapotec Legend of the Sun and the Moon 

(30 minutes)

Audience Level: High School/Adult​

A video record of a performance by the Dragon Dance Theater of Vermont and the Mexican theater company Comparsa at Monte Alban in Mexico. This collaboration between American and Mexican theater companies celebrates the epic legend of the Sun and the Moon using giant masks, puppets, fireworks, and pre-Columbian music. Performed amid the pre-Columbian ruins of Monte Alban at Oaxaca, Mexico, this video would be ideal for course in mexcian history, theater and cross-cultural education.

"This was the first time in centuries that anyone has been allowed to perform amongst these ancient monuments at night. We shared a sense of privilege and purpose in creating these performances in Monte Alban." Susan Bettmann, music director for Dragon Dance Theater

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad: Vermont and the Fugitive Slave

(25 minutes) Videotaped by Robin Lloyd

Audience Level: Elementary through Adult​

Vermont's Constitution was the first in the country to abolish slavery, and many Vermonters assisted runaway slaves throughout the pre-Civil War period. This video examines the meaning and images of a mural on Vermont's Underground Railroad created for Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont. Muralist Sam Kerson describes the mural's eight panels, which depict plantation life, historical figures active in the freedom movement, and infamous moments in Vermont's anti-slavery history.

Voices from Chernobyl

Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster

(21 minutes, audio) Produced at WGDR, Plainfield, VT

Audience Level: High School/Adult​

On April 26, 1986 the worst nuclear reactor accident in history occurred. It contaminated three-quarters of Europe, and radioactive fall-out circled the globe. Many people have died and many will continue to die as a result of this tragedy. Many children were and will be born deformed as a result of the disaster. 


Because of plans to build a new generation of nuclear reactors, this is timely program. 

In this audio drama, three women and three men read the actual words of survivors: two nuclear physicists, one rocket scientist, a peasant, the wife of a fireman, and the mother of a young child. 

A narrator opens and closes the program giving background information and the current situation of the Chernobyl reactor.

Based on the book VOICES FROM CHERNOBYL by Svetlana Alexievich, adapted by Susan Spencer Smith, with the permission of Dalkey Archive Press.

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